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100 Greatest Console Games 1977-1987

This book celebrates the very best of the interactive entertainment industry's games from this highly crucial, fondly remembered decade. This pivotal period was marked by the introduction of the indispensable Atari 2600, Odyssey2, and Intellivision, the unleashing of the underrated Vectrex, the mind-blowing debut of the next-gen ColecoVision and Atari 5200, plus the rebirth of the industry through Nintendo's legendary juggernaut, the NES. Whether you're young or old, new to the hobby or a hardcore collector, this book will introduce you to or remind you of some of the greatest, most historically important games ever made.

224 2014

2007 Video Game Price Guide

The 2007 Video Game Price Guide has been completely updated with the newest pricing information for home console systems. It contains values for over 13,000 different games and pieces of hardware. The book covers 48 video game systems which span from the original platforms produced in the 1970s to modern day systems. Games which are unreleased as of press time are listed as well. Whether you are a dedicated classic system collector, or wanting to know how much the games that you have for your newest system are really worth to the video game store, you'll find it here.

164 2007
Arcade Fever: The Fan's Guide to The Golden Age of VG

Arcade Fever is a full-color illustrated history of video arcade games, with tributes to more than 50 classic games like Pong, Space Invaders, Pac Man, Q-Bert, Frogger, and TRON. Learn which game caused a yen shortage in Japan -- and which games inspired breakfast cereals, Saturday-morning cartoons, episodes of Seinfeld,and #1 pop-music singles. Meet the visionary musicians, writers, animators, cabinet artists, and other unsung heroes of the video game industry. The perfect gift for anyone who spent their childhood in video arcades, Arcade Fever is a pop-culture nostalgia trip you won't want to miss!

160 2001


Sourced from museums and private collections worldwide, this book spans over 40 years of the company's unique illustrations used in packaging, advertisements, catalogs, and more! ART OF ATARI includes behind-the-scenes details on how dozens of games featured within were conceived of, illustrated, approved (or rejected), and brought to life. Whether you're a fan, collector, enthusiast, or new to the world of video games, this book offers the most complete collection of ATARI artwork ever produced!

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352 2016

Art of Soul Calibur II, The

"Transcending history, and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold."
Fully illustrated, contains full color plates of all art and animation used in the making of Soul Calibur II. Includes all characters, all weapons, and all arenas. Limited edition, collector's item.
Includes  artwork for the following Soul Calibur II characters: Raphael Sorel, Talim, Hong Yun-Seong, Heishiro Mitsurugi, Isabella "Ivy" Valentine, Nightmare, Kilik, Chai Xianghua,  Maxi, Taki, Astaroth, and Cervantes de Leon. 96 full color pages, given away as a pre-order bonus, in 2003.

96 2003
Art of the Video Game, The

Every page features gorgeously rendered images (plus never-before-published sketches, models, and works-in-progress) from dozens of beloved games—everything from old school favorites like Tomb Raider and Sonic the Hedgehog to contemporary hits like Beautiful Katamari, Call of Duty, Half-Life 2, Kane & Lynch, and more. Along the way, readers will discover the history of video game art and an exciting glimpse of its future. Full of exclusive interviews and images, The Art of the Video Game is a must-have gift for gamers of all ages.

160 2008

Art of Video Games: From Pac-Man To Mass Effect, The

From the Space Invaders of the seventies to sophisticated contemporary epics BioShock and Uncharted 2, Melissinos examines each of the winning games, providing a behind-the-scenes look at their development and innovation, and commentary on the relevance of each in the history of video games.

Over 100 composite images, created by Patrick O’Rourke, and drawn directly from the games themselves, illustrate the evolution of video games as an artistic medium, both technologically and creatively.


216 2012

Atari 2600 / 7800: a visual compendium  (Bitmap Books)

Atari 2600/7800: a visual compendium aims to showcase the very best pixel art, cover art and product design on each system. Spread over 528 pages, it features over 200 classic games, with articles on the leading third-party developers, interviews with key figures in the industry and features on subjects, such as cover art, prototypes and homebrew releases. Book specifications: 528 pages, 170mm x 230mm, 3mm protective board slipcase with lenticular fascia, Lithographic print, Hardback, Sewn binding, Spot varnish cover, Spot varnished dust jacket. [ORDER HERE!]

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Amazing packaging by these guys too!
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528 2020

Britsoft: An Oral History

Britsoft: An Oral History is a collective story of the early British games industry. Composed of interviews with thirty-five people who shaped the modern videogame, including David Braben (Elite), Peter Molyneux (Populous), Rob Hubbard (Commando) and Jeff Minter (Attack of the Mutant Camels), it documents a vibrant period of invention in Britain’s cultural history – the start of a new form of entertainment, created on ZX Spectrums, Commodore 64s, Amigas and Atari STs, in bedrooms and living rooms.

Interviewees: Peter Molyneux, David Braben, Archer Maclean, David Darling, Jeff Minter, Charles Cecil, David Perry, Geoff Crammond, Julian Gollop, Julian Rignall, Dino Dini, Mo Warden, Rob Hubbard, Martin Kenwright, Fred Gray, Martin Galway, Mel Croucher, Mike Montgomery, Rod Cousens......
Pictures: (1) (2)

420 2016

Capcom 30th Anniversary Character Encyclopedia

The Capcom 30th Anniversary Character Encyclopedia celebrates Capcom's 30 years in the industry and gives fans concise information about every major Capcom character, their key artwork, statistics, background information, and interesting notes on the history of each character and game franchise. Including almost 200 characters from the Capcom family, this Character Encyclopedia sheds new light on these characters in a way nothing else does!

PICTURES: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

208 2013

Classic Home Video Games 1989-1990

The third in a series about home video games, this detailed reference work features descriptions and reviews of every official U.S.-released game for the Neo Geo, Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx-16, which, in 1989, ushered in the 16-bit era of gaming. Organized alphabetically by console brand, each chapter includes a description of the game system followed by substantive entries for every game released for that console. Video game entries include historical information, gameplay details, the author's critique, and, when appropriate, comparisons to similar games. Appendices list and offer brief descriptions of all the games for the Atari Lynx and Nintendo Game Boy, and catalogue and describe the add-ons to the consoles covered herein--Neo Geo CD, Sega CD, Sega 32X and TurboGrafx-CD.
PICTURES: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

344 2016

Collectible Microcomputers

This comprehensive field guide is invaluable for identifying and pricing more than 700 microcomputers made worldwide between 1971 and 1993. It's filled with over 340 photos and up-to-date information for collectors who want to fully enjoy this rapidly emerging hobby. Featured are early hobbyist computers, desktop business/professional computers, home computers, PC-compatibles, transportable computers, laptops, and notebook computers. They're all arranged alphabetically by manufacturer to aid in quick identification. Fascinating historical notes and anecdotes make this book a great read! Collectors will find advice for locating and evaluating micros, a glossary of computing terms, and a great list of resources. A must-have for everyone interested in vintage computers!

160 2002

Complete NES: Officially Licensed US Releases

The excellent NES collector's book released by Jeffrey Wittenhagen features all 678 licensed US NES games!

Not only that, but it also lists the release date, developer, publisher, as well as a mini review for each of the games. There is also handy check off boxes for the cart/box/manual for those keeping track.

It can be purchased
here (

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Complete SNES: Collector's Book & Official Guide (Definitive Edition)

This is the "Super" 632 page Hardcover Full Color SNES Collector’s Book that will look amazing in your collection! Comprehensively covering licensed, unlicensed, unreleased, PAL exclusives, homebrew games, and now offering Super Famicom highlights. Look back on all the amazing SNES games that were released for the 16-bit beast of a system.

It can be purchased
here (

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]



Confessions of the Game Doctor - by Bill Kunkle

Go behind the scenes w/ the man who covered the Electronic Games Business from Day One! Published November 2005. Limited to 1000 copies . Perfect binding. Trim Size: 7 x 10. Retail Price: $21.00. AUTOGRAPHED BY BILL KUNKEL
(July 21, 1950 – September 4, 2011)

"Bill Kunkel is the best journalist that the videogame industry has ever known, and Confessions of The Game Doctor is written in his inimitable style: remarkably insightful, brutally honest, and frequently hilarious." -- Zach Meston (Video Game Collector, PlayStation Extreme)

200 2005

Digital Press Collector's Guide: Edition 5

The Collector's Guide is an essential resource for video gamers, covering every 8-bit gaming system with complete cartridge lists, pictures, scarcity ratings, production notes, and pricing guidelines. This book is spiral bound.


306 1996

Digital Press Collector's Guide: Seventh Edition

Prepare yourself for the ultimate guide to video game collecting, our seventh edition of the Collector's Guide!

The Collector's Guide is an essential resource for video gamers, covering every 8-bit gaming system with complete cartridge lists, pictures, scarcity ratings, production notes, and pricing guidelines.

512 2002

Digital Press Collector's Guide: Advance Edition

You've kept the original Collector's Guide near you on all of your gaming ventures, here's the book you've been waiting for, picking up where "the guide" left off! The Collector's Guide Advance is an essential tool for classic gamers, covering every "retired" system from 1989 to present with complete cartridge lists, pictures, scarcity ratings, production notes, and pricing guidelines

500 2006

Docs 1 Minute Encyclopedia of Nintendo Game Instructions

Contains instructions for over 310 of the most popular Nintendo NES games! Plus Doc's contains; Doc's Super Strategy Tips: Enables you to score higher and have more fun. Doc's Super Hotline Directory: A complete listing of phone numbers to all of the game manufacturer's game consolers. Binding: Paperback / ISBN 13: 9780962747113 / ISBN 10: 0962747114

PICTURES: [here]

314 1991
Dragon's Crown Artworks (PS3 Game Pre-Order Bonus)

Features artwork by art director George Kamitani
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B079KVBP6N
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Index Corp./Atlus (January 1, 2013)
Paperback Bunko ‏ : ‎ 64 pages
Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 8 ounces
64 2013

Encyclopedia of Game Machines

The history of computer and videogames in detailed chapters, tables and over 700 exclusive photos. Printed in color throughout, Game Machines 1972-2012 is the reference book for every gamer and anyone interested in the history of computer entertainment. Following the success of the sold-out first edition, this updated and extended volume presents classic videogame consoles, handhelds and home computers along with classic software in all of its pixelated glory. From Atari 2600 to Nintendo 3DS, from Apple II to iPhone: among the almost 500 gaming systems covered are million-sellers and exotic variants, dream machines and bizarre oddities.

224 2005

Gamemaster: Classified (With Howard Phillips)
By: Howard Phillips, Matthew Taranto

An Insider's Guide to Nintendo's Coming of Age

"Year In Reviews" - Howard & Matthew weigh in on each year's biggest games and aren't afraid to call 'em like they see 'em! Ride along as Howard identifies key developments and games that propelled the industry forward. Also features "The Gamemaster Awards," where the duo choose their top picks for the year in a variety of categories. "Collector's Corner" - My Fun Club News LOZ blanket was featured in the book. Woohoo! "Insider Insights" - Features some of the old guard talking about what it was like working for the Big N.   - Photos1... [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]

240 2023

Game On: The History and Culture of Video Games

Examines the world of videogames from a global perspective. Highly illustrated throughout, the book is structured around ten essays focusing on key themes, from characters in games to future technical developments. Writers include J C Herz, Steven Poole and Henry Jenkins. Short essays by players also appear.

144 2002
Hardcore Gaming 101 Presents: Castlevania

Welcome to the hell house! Presented by the esteemed retro gaming website Hardcore Gaming 101, this book is an UNOFFICIAL and UNAUTHORIZED guide to Konami's video game series that includes 158 pages with full reviews of over thirty Castlevania titles - starting from the 1986 Nintendo original up to the 2014 Lords of Shadow 2 - plus reviews of clone games, soundtracks, books, trivia, and more!
PICTURES: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
158 2014
Hardcore Gaming 101 Presents: The Unofficial Guide to Konami Shooters

Shoot the core! Join retro gaming website Hardcore Gaming 101 to explore Konami's many contributions to the shoot-em-up pantheon, including Gradius, TwinBee, Parodius, Otomedius, Life Force, Salamander, Axelay, Thunder Cross, Space Manbow, Xexex, and many others!

PICTURES: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
152 2015

Hardcore Gaming 101 Presents: Sega Arcade Classics: Volume 1

Get ready to enter the world of Sega! Hardcore Gaming 101 Presents: Sega Arcade Classics Vol. 1 includes extensive reviews of over seventy classic games originating from the 1980s and 90s arcade scene, including: After Burner Golden Axe Space Harrier Shinobi OutRun Fantasy Zone Alex Kidd Altered Beast Gain Ground Alien Syndrome Wonder Boy / Monster World Galaxy Force Alien Storm Crack Down Dynamite Dux ESWAT Thunder Blade Quartet Power Drift.
PICTURES: [1] [2] [3] [4]

168 2012

High Score: The Illustrated History of Video Games
(more information and sample pages here!)

From pinball to PlayStation, this photo-packed volume chronicles the history of electronic games--which has become both a billion dollar industry as well as a cultural phenomenon. Featuring hundreds of interviews with game creators and thousands of never-before-seen photos from the early days, this book honors the games that have captivated youngsters and the young-at-heart for more than 30 years. By Rusel DeMaria

328 2002
High Score: The Illustrated History of Video Games 2nd Edt.

In this lavishly illustrated full-color retrospective, discover never-before-seen photos that bring to life the people and stories behind the most popular games of all time, including Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Asteroids, SimCity, Quake, Myst, Tomb Raider, and more. This is the inside scoop on the history, successes, tricks, and even failures of the entire electronic games industry. By Rusel DeMaria
400 2003

How to win at Pac-Man

"The only book that gives you all you need to challenge
the world's most popular computer game!"

This volume originally published in 1982 is an amazing throwback to arcade's golden days & reminds us of the time when games took real skill & grit to stretch that quarter as long as humanly possible. It features the necessary strategies & patterns needed to achieve mastery of this timeless arcade puzzler, and features beautifully illustrated diagrams & related charts throughout. It goes without saying that this book is a gorgeous piece for any retro-collector, gamer, enthusiast, or any other sort of niche-hobbyist-type-person interested in electronic gaming from days past or its history.
34 1982

I AM 8BIT: Art Inspired by Classic Videogames of the '80s

Pac-Man. Frogger. Super Mario Bros. These classic videogames are burned into the collective consciousness of an entire generation, thanks to countless hours spent at pizza parlors and bowling alleys across the country. Now artists such as Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, and Ashley Wood put their memories to paper, canvas, and wood to create original works of art inspired by the art of the videogame. (Paperback)

156 2006
Koji Kondo's Super Mario Soundtrack (33 1/3)

Koji Kondo's Super Mario Bros. (1985) score redefined video game music. With under three minutes of music, Kondo put to rest an era of bleeps and bloops-the sterile products of a lab environment-replacing it with one in which game sounds constituted a legitimate form of artistic expression. Andrew Schartmann takes us through the various external factors (e.g., the video game crash of 1983, Nintendo's marketing tactics) that coalesced into a ripe environment in which Kondo's musical experiments could thrive. He then delves into the music itself, searching for reasons why our hearts still dance to the "primitive" 8-bit tunes of a bygone era.

 168 2015
The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition

The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition honors the game that started it all by recreating the original gold cartridge as faithfully as possible. The book comes with a black polypropylene sleeve, lined with velvet flocking, and a scale instruction booklet with fun, theme-appropriate material inside. The cover is a gold foil paper with gloss lamination and a spot gritty varnish. The details are embossed and debossed. It has gold gilding on the top and foredge, with black gilding on the bottom. This book looks and feels so much like the original cartridge you might find yourself blowing into the bottom before you open it! This, the last of The Goddess Collection trilogy, which includes Hyrule Historia and Art & Artifacts, is a treasure trove of explanations and information about every aspect of The Legend of Zelda universe! PICTURES: [01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06] [07] [08] [09] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20]
328 2018
The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts

The Legend of Zelda™: Art and Artifacts contains over four hundred pages of fully realized illustrations from the entire thirty-year history of The Legend of Zelda™ including artwork from the upcoming The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild! Every masterwork is printed on high-quality paper in an oversized format so you can immerse yourself in the fine details of each piece. This book includes rare promotional pieces, game box art, instruction booklet illustrations, official character illustrations, sprite art, interviews with the artists, and much, much more! The Legend of Zelda™: Art and Artifacts collects many of your favorite masterpieces from the storied franchise, as well as rare and never before seen content, presented in one handsome hardcover.
PICTURES: [1] [2] [3] [4]~ ~ Sample Pages [1] [2]
424 2017
The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia

Dark Horse Books and Nintendo team up to bring you The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia, containing an unparalleled collection of historical information on The Legend of Zelda franchise. This handsome hardcover contains never-before-seen concept art, the full history of Hyrule, the official chronology of the games, and much more! Starting with an insightful introduction by the legendary producer and video-game designer of Donkey Kong, Mario, and The Legend of Zelda, Shigeru Miyamoto, this book is crammed full of information about the storied history of Link's adventures from the creators themselves! As a bonus, The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia includes an exclusive comic by the foremost creator of The Legend of Zelda manga — Akira Himekawa!
PICTURES: [1] [2] [3] [4]



The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past (comics)
MORE PICTURES: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

A full-color graphic novel by manga legend Shotaro Ishinomori based on the classic video game The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is an adaptation of the beloved, internationally bestselling video game originally released for Nintendo’s Super Entertainment System. This comic book version by Shotaro Ishinomori (Cyborg 009, Kamen Rider) was first serialized in Nintendo Power magazine and later collected into a graphic novel.

Long out of print, this stunning, full-color graphic novel is now available once again!

196 2015
Lucky Wander Boy (Paperback) by D.B.Weiss
Adam Pennyman is ruled by an obsession of his own creation: the Catalogue of Obsolete Entertainments, an encyclopedic directory referencing every video game ever played. But his chronicling hits a snag when Adam realizes that no matter where he looks, he can find nothing about “Lucky Wander Boy,” the game that meant the world to him as a kid.
Then his luck starts to turn: A chance encounter lands him a copywriting job at Portal Entertainment, the monolithic media company that holds the film rights to the “Lucky Wander Boy” concept.  Soon Adam embarks on a journey through the corporate sprawl of Hollywood that will ultimately lead him to the game’s beautiful creator, Araki Itachi.  But even with the help of a plucky fellow game-head named Clio, such a reckless expedition will require the agility of Pac-Man, the nerves of Mario, and the tenacity of Frogger.  Not to mention, a whole lot of luck.
288 2003
Medium of the Video Game, The

Over a mere three decades, the video game has become the entertainment medium of choice for millions of people, who now spend more time in the interactive virtual world of games than they do in watching movies or even television. The release of new games or game-playing equipment, such as the PlayStation 2, generates great excitement and even buying frenzies. Yet, until now, this giant on the popular culture landscape has received little in-depth study or analysis.

In this book, Mark J. P. Wolf and four other scholars conduct the first thorough investigation of the video game as an artistic medium. The book begins with an attempt to define what is meant by the term "video game" and the variety of modes of production within the medium. It moves on to a brief history of the video game, then applies the tools of film studies to look at the medium in terms of the formal aspects of space, time, narrative, and genre. The book also considers the video game as a cultural entity, object of museum curation, and repository of psychological archetypes. It closes with a list of video game research resources for further study.

223 2002
Memoirs of a Virtual Caveman

Join veteran gamer, video game fansite webmaster, and born storyteller, Rob Strangman as he takes you on a tour of some of the most defining moments in video game history as seen through his eyes. From the fall of Atari to the emergence of the Sony PlayStation and beyond, Rob relates tales of the adventures that were had during the golden age of gaming. Rob also discusses his experiences with importing, the "gamer" stereotype, and shares his opinions on the current state of gaming.

While Rob may have been the original "Virtual Caveman," he certainly wasn't the only one. Included here are many other stories and contributions from gamers both young and old. Also within these pages you will find interviews with many of the gaming industry's veterans: David Crane, Howard Scott Warshaw, Martin Alessi, Yuzo Koshiro, Kouichi "Isuke" Yotsui and more.

Visit his official website here

472 2014

Metal Slug: The Ultimate History

SNK has offered unprecedented access to its vast archives of high-resolution concept artwork and illustrations, some of which is being made publically available for the first time. The book also contains 11 exclusive and incredibly detailed interviews with key members of the development team, including Kazuma Kujo, Takushi Hiyamuta, Andoh Kenji and Takeshi Okui, the latter two of which have never spoken about the series previously. These insightful discussions bust myths and reveal the real truth behind the creation and evolution of this esteemed franchise, extensively covering the formation on Nazca and the truth behind Metal Slug Zero – the version of Metal Slug that existed, before Marco and Tarma, when you controlled only the SV-001 tank. The book also explores the roots of Metal Slug, looking at Irem titles In the Hunt and GunForce II and how these arcade cult classics influenced what was to come later.[ORDER HERE!] PICTURES: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] BITMAP BOOKS



NEOGEO: a visual history is the first officially licensed NEOGEO art book of its kind released in the English language. A visual celebration of all things NEOGEO, it’s crammed full of beautiful visuals split into dedicated chapters, including Hardware, Box Art, Character and Concept Art and Pixel Art. The imagery has been collated and photographed the from all over the world, which has been handpicked to appear in this unique and exclusive volume. NEOGEO: a visual history also features official interviews with key staff integral to the NEOGEO’s history, including producer Yasuyuki Oda, artist Tatsuhiko Kanaoka (Falcoon) and composer Hideki Asanaka (sha-v).[ORDER HERE!]
PICTURES: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] BITMAP BOOKS



NES / Famicom: a visual compendium

This is the 4th visual compendium from Bitmap Books.
Spread over 536 pages, it features more than 170 classic games, with articles on the leading developers, interviews with key figures in the industry and mini-features on subjects such as packaging, fan art and unreleased games.
Each book comes in a 3mm protective board slipcase which has a lenticular fascia and is shrink-wrapped. Book specifications
536 pages, 170mm x 230mm, Gatefold pages, Metallic inks, Lithographic print, Hardback, Sewn binding, Spot varnish cover, Spot varnish dust jacket.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16]~[Cover Scan 1] [Cover Scan 2]  BITMAP BOOKS

536 2017

NES Oddities & the Homebrew Revolution

This is a 500-page Hardcover Full Color NES Collector’s Book that will cover a multitude of aspects that have never been covered before and will look amazing in your collection! I guarantee there are games within this book that you have never heard of, no matter what level of the gamer or collector you are. Here are the sections covered in the book:
Unlicensed Games, PAL Exclusives, Unique International Unlicensed Games, Holy Grails (think Nintendo World Championships carts), VS & PC-10 Arcades, Famicom & FDS Games (that don't require Japanese knowledge to enjoy), 500+ NES Homebrew Entries, NES Accessories & other articles
PICTURES: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] ~ [Cover Scan 1] ORDER HERE


Nintendo 64 Anthology

September 29th, 2016, marks the Nintendo 64's twentieth anniversary. To celebrate the birth of this incredibly avant-gardist machine, Matt Manent has written the most comprehensive and remarkable book about this legendary console.

348 pages long, this book inventories and chronicles the entire game library (388 games sold in Japan, the US, Europe, and Australia), sifts through the canceled games, accessories, collector's editions, and, of course, every Nintendo 64 version and bundle.

[1] [2]

360 2017
Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Artworks

Features artwork by art director George Kamitani

Odin Sphere[a] is an action role-playing game developed by Vanillaware for the PlayStation 2. It was published by Atlus (Japan and North America) in 2007, and by Square Enix (Europe) in 2008. A remake titled Odin Sphere Leifthrasir was released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2016: Atlus handled publishing duties in Japan and North America, while NIS America published the title in PAL territories. Using a two-dimensional side-scrolling perspective, gameplay focuses on a beat em up-style fighting system while incorporating role-playing elements — Leifthrasir expands upon and refines these elements.
64 2013

Pac-Man Birth of an Icon

This is a gorgeous, hardcover retrospective, the first-ever history of PAC-MAN.

Full of historical imagery, concept designs, marketing photos and more, the book examines the game’s design philosophy and origins through the artists, designers, developers, and other creative teams who brought PAC-MAN to life.

This new non-fiction book will journey from creator Toru Iwatani's "pizza slice" inspiration to the game’s incredible success in arcades and beyond. The book also dives into PAC-MAN’s unprecedented impact on pop culture, with more than 40 new interviews from key players around the world.

PICTURES: [1] [2]  <- From my Pac-Man (11th) Birthday Party in 1983

340 2021

Phoenix: The Fall & Rise of Videogames 3rd Edition

A definitive temporal overview of joystick jiggling, covering the ups and downs of the phenomenon ... Herman treats popular favorites and dismal flops with even-handed reverence, rarely injecting opinion that could color the facts in any way. -- Wired

Leonard Herman, The Game Scholar, is the Father of Videogame History. He is regarded as one of the earliest and most respected videogame historians. The first edition of Phoenix: The Fall &amp; Rise of Home Videogames, which was published in 1994, is considered to be the first comprehensive book about the history of videogames.

312 1997

Pinball Memories: Forty Years of Fun 1958-1998

Pinball games have long been regarded as the twentieth century's ultimate coin operated amusement, touching the lives of generations of players in numerous cultures. This visual chronicle, with examples from the game's beginnings to the present day, focuses in particular on the years from 1958 to 1998. It showcases fifty fascinating pinball games, each with its own chapter outlining the special features. Covered in detail are cultural influences, design and artistic trends, historical connections, collectibility, values, and unique game rules. Over 800 full color photographs display whole machine shots, close-ups of backglasses and playfields, and ball's-eye-view images. They put the pinball enthusiast right into the action! This beautiful book is an essential reference for the libraries of pinball collectors and aficionados everywhere.
Schiffer Book for Collectors (Hardcover)

272 2002
Playing With Power: Nintendo NES Classics

This paperback version offers a fascinating retrospective on 17 NES classics—including Super Mario Bros. 3, Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda!

Interviews and commentary from Nintendo visionaries who pioneered this era of gaming.

A showcase of vintage advertising and priceless excerpts from Nintendo Power magazine back issues!

Plus hand-drawn maps, character and game environment art, and much more!
320 2016

Playing With Super Power: Nintendo Super NES Classics

The Console: A nostalgic celebration and exploration of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in all its 16-bit glory. The Games: Discover everything you’ve always wanted to know about some of the most beloved SNES games, including the previously unreleased Star Fox 2! The History: Learn about the SNES development and the visionaries behind this groundbreaking console. The Legacy: An in-depth look at how the SNES has left its mark on the gaming industry, and how its legacy continues. The Memories: Featuring a plethora of fan art, music, and more, this book is a love letter to playing with Super Power!


[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18]


Project Arcade: Build your own Arcade Machine

You can go back, and here's how. Remember the days and quarters you spent pursuing aliens, fleeing ghosts, and gobbling dots in that beloved arcade? They’re hiding in these pages, along with diagrams, directions, plans, and materials lists that will enable you to build your very own arcade game. Construct joysticks, buttons, and trackballs; build the console and cabinet; install and configure the software; crank up the speakers; and wham! Step across the time-space continuum and enjoy all those classic games, plus dozens of new ones, whenever you like.Start Here: 1. Plan for your space and budget, 2. Design and build the cabinet, 3. Construct the controllers, 4. Build the console, 5. Pick an old game’s brain, 6. Install the emulator, 7. Convince a PC it’s a game, 8. Connect a monitor and speakers, 9. Add a marquee, 10. GO PLAY! Includes diagrams, detailed instructions, essential software, and more.
504 2004
Sega Master System: A Visual Compendium

200-word soundbites of text accompanying each single game spread. Overall, the book contains around 200 games. Within SEGA® Master System: a visual compendiums also a series of larger features and interviews with developers and artists, ensuring a great mix of visuals and words – in total, the book contains around 60,000 words. The foreword is written by Mark Cerny (Sony) and there are interviews with Mutsuhiro Fujii, Takashi Shoji, Steve Hanawa, Rieko Kodama, plus others.

PICTURES: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33] [34] [35] [ORDER HERE!] BITMAP BOOKS


Sega Mega Drive / Genesis: Collected Works

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works is the official retrospective of the console, featuring development and concept illustrations for Sega’s best-loved game franchises, original developer interviews and previously unseen hardware production plans. Much of the visual material – drawn from the Sega of Japan archives – has never been released before.  by Darren Wall

PICTURES: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16]
352 2014

SNES / Super Famicom: a visual compendium

Focusing on the Super Famicom in Japan and the SNES across North America and Europe, SNES/Super Famicom: a visual compendium offers a visual snapshot of the best games, developers, box art and product design from across these territories. As the name suggests, the book is mainly visual; it won't be a super-detailed insight into the SNES/Super Famicom, but more a visual companion designed to stir up excitement and nostalgia for this fantastic machine and its legacy of classic games.
Book specifications
536 pages, 170mm x 230mm, Gatefold pages, 3mm protective board slipcase with lenticular fascia, Lithographic print, Hardback, Sewn binding, Spot varnish cover, Spot varnish dust jacket.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13]

536 2018

SNES Omnibus A-M by Brett Weiss

Volume 1 of the SNES Omnibus is a fun and informative look at all the original Super Nintendo games released in the U.S. starting with the letters A through M. In addition to thorough gameplay descriptions, The book includes reviews, fun facts, historical data, quotes from vintage magazines, and, best of all, nostalgic stories about many of the games from programmers, authors, convention exhibitors, video game store owners, YouTube celebs, and other industry insiders. The book also features more than 2,000 full-color images, including box art, cartridges, screenshots, and vintage ads.
It can be purchased here

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14]



SNES Omnibus Vol. 2 N-Z by Brett Weiss

Volume 2 of SNES Omnibus is a fun and informative look at All the original Super Nintendo games released in the US starting with the letters N-Z. More than 375 games are featured. Each game, whether obscure or mainstream, is covered in exhaustive detail. In addition to thorough gameplay descriptions, the book includes reviews, fun facts, historical data, quotes from vintage magazines, and, best of all, nostalgic stories about many of the games.
It can be purchased here

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15]



SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 1991 - 2006 Hardcover Book

This book contains key art, illustrations, promotional art and rare material from the time span 1991 – 2016, and has a complete written history of the origins and evolution of Sonic as a design icon. Detailed accounts by Sonic Team-members such as Yuji Naka, Takashi Iizuka, Kazuyuki Hoshino and Yuji Uekawa explain key design decisions shaping Sonic the Hedgehog and his universe over the years. By Cook & Becker

PICTURES: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25]
248 2017

SUPER iam8bit
More Art Inspired by Classic Videogames of the '80s

A follow-up to the original iam8bit book, more than 80 artists remix their retro gaming fantasies, employing a variety of techniques, from paint to sculpture, all inspired by the magical era that was the '80s arcade and console scene.

160 2011

Super Famicom The Box Art Collection

As a celebration of this unique artwork, Bitmap Books is proud to present Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection – a compilation of Japanese game packaging, professionally shot and presented as a glorious hardback edition. The book features around 250 titles, including many rare examples and some that have never before been documented in print. Sourced from the archives of renowned collector, Stuart Brett (aka Super Famicom Guy), each box is beautifully presented life-size, with a critique of the artwork, plus interviews with other collectors, explaining their love of the format
PICTURES: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [ORDER HERE!] BITMAP BOOKS

276 2016

Super Mario Encyclopedia: Official Guide to the First 30 Years

Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia: The Official Guide to the First 30 Years is jam-packed with content from all seventeen Super Mario games--from the original Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario 3D World. Track the evolution of the Goomba, witness the introduction of Yoshi, and relive your favorite levels. This tome also contains an interview with producer Takashi Tezuka, tips to help you find every coin, star, sun, and mushroom--even explanations of glitches! With information on enemies, items, obstacles, and worlds from over thirty years of Mario, Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia is the definitive resource for everything Super Mario!

PICTURES: [1] [2] [3] [4]

256 2018

Supercade: A Visual History of the Videogame Age 1971-1984

Supercade pays tribute to the technology, games, and visionaries of one of the most influential periods in the history of computer science--one that profoundly shaped the modern technological landscape and helped change the way people view entertainment. Supercade includes contributions from such commentators and particpants as Ralph Baer, Julian Dibbell, Keith Feinstein, Joe Fielder, Lauren Fielder, Justin Hall, Leonard Herman, Steven Johnson, Steven Kent, Nick Montfort, Bob Parks, Carl Steadman, and Tom Vanderbilt.
Hard cover edition

448 2002

The Ultimate History of Video Games: From Pong to Pokemon
-The Story Behind the Craze That Touched Our Lives and Changed the World (Paperback)

Inside, you'll discover:
·The video game that saved Nintendo from bankruptcy
·The serendipitous story of Pac-Man's design
·The misstep that helped topple Atari's $2 billion-a-year empire
·The coin shortage caused by Space Invaders
·The fascinating reasons behind the rise, fall, and rebirth of Sega
·And much more!
Entertaining, addictive, and as mesmerizing as the games it chronicles, this book is a must-have for anyone who's ever touched a joystick.

624 2001

Unofficial SNES Pixel Book

The many games have been divided into classifications, with thoughtful and fascinating insights into the evolution of genres and design trends, and their impact on today’s video game landscape. Overall, the project represents the culmination of many years’ work by its authors, Robert Bannert and Christine Bauer, and translator Thomas Nickel. The book is offered in hardback with a spot-varnished protective slipcase, and is produced to Bitmap Books’ usual superlative standards. 

PICTURES:[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] BITMAP BOOKS

272 2020

VIDEO GAME OBSESSION - These are a few of my favorite games
Created by Matt Henzel in just 1 day. This is perhaps the rarest video game book ever created with only 4 copies ever printed! YouTube star Luke Morse owns one of the copies.

(Please click here for more information and pictures)


20 2008

Video Games: in the Beginning by Ralph Baer

Videogames: In The Beginning is Ralph H. Baer’s account of how today’s $11-billion per year videogame industry began. A meticulous note keeper, Baer presents in his own words the real story of what led to the Odyssey… and beyond. But he doesn’t end there. In this book Baer also examines other products that he has worked on such as Simon, the most popular electronic toy ever created. He also discusses his pioneering work into early forms of CD-ROMs and digital imagery. Whether you are a student of videogame design, a game player, or a fan of inventions and history, you are sure to find Baer’s history fascinating and informative. Included in this book are: • The actual four-page treatise that Baer presented to his employers • Original schematics and photos of the first videogame prototypes • Original top secret internal notes and memos • Original United States patents

280 2005

Video Game Quest: The Complete Guide to Home Video Games


By Jon Dekeles
Video Game Quest: The Complete Guide to Home Video Game Systems, Video Games and Accessories.


100+ 1990

What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy (Paperback)

James Paul Gee begins his new book with "I want to talk about vide games--yes, even violent video games--and say some positive things about them." With this simple but explosive beginning, one of America's most well-respected professors of education looks seriously at the good that can come from playing video games. Gee is interested in the cognitive development that can occur when someone is trying to escape a maze, find a hidden treasure and, even, blasting away an enemy with a high-powered rifle. Talking about his own video-gaming experience learning and using games as diverse as Lara Croft and Arcanum, Gee looks at major specific cognitive activities:
* How individuals develop a sense of identity
* How one grasps meaning
* How one evaluates and follow a command
* How one picks a role model
* How one perceives the world

240 2004

How to Win at Super Mario Bros.
"A complete strategy guide to the world's most
popular video game!"

Photo [1]

[Rarity: 8/10] mint


The Legend of Zelda Tips & Tactics
(400dpi 3page Map [3500x1747] -click here-

Photo [1]

[Rarity: 8/10] mint

The Official Nintendo Player's Guide
200 pages
Photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]

*copy #1 = near mint w/stickers in back)
*copy #2 = original, has pics cut out
*copy #3 = very good, 1 sticker missing
*copy #4 = good, some cover wear
*copy #5 = good, some cover wear


The Official Nintendo Sticker Album
With special plastic covered sticker pages. Plus 1 pocket page to hold your trading stickers.

Photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]
[11] [12] [13] [14]

Imperial Toy Corporation

NES Game Atlas - Nintendo Player's Guide

176 pages
Subscription only


GAME BOY - Nintendo Player's Guide

176 pages
Subscription only


Mario Mania - Nintendo Player's Guide

Contains full strategy guide for Super Mario World
Subscription only



Super NES - Nintendo Player's Guide

Subscription only


Top Secret Passwords - Nintendo Player's Guide

160 pages.
Free to subscribers in the "Super Power Club" only


Official SNES Nintendo Game Guide

Complete guide to nearly 320 SNES games!

[Picture 2] [Picture 3]

Super Game Boy Nintendo Game Guide

The complete guide to the colorful side of Game Boy -- 72 pages



20 Years of Nintendo Power

Includes the history of Nintendo as told through
articles from Nintendo Power
68 pages



Nintendo Power - Official Guide/The Legend of Zelda
Special Collector's Edition (No UPC! on cover!)

In-depth info and fun trivia for every Zelda adventure
Stunning page layouts printed on premium paper stock

Contains stickers and posters.


Nintendo Power - Official Guide/The Legend of Zelda
2nd Revision

In-depth info and fun trivia for every Zelda adventure
Stunning page layouts printed on premium paper stock
Pull-out (two-sided) posters posters featuring classic Zelda artwork
Second-edition revisions and updates


Nintendo Power - The Official Guide to Mario
1st Edition

Nintendo Power presents: The Official Guide to Mario - The World's Most Popular Plumber - 1st Edition!

10 marvelous Mario posters
29 super Mario stickers
Profiles of Mario and his pals


Nintendo Power - Ultimate Guide to the 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS puts nearly limitless entertainment options at your fingertips, from awesome games to glasses-free 3D video to applications that are built right into the hardware.

Whether you've already picked up gaming's hottest handheld or you're thinking about making the plunge, The Ultimate Guide to the Nintendo 3DS is your ticket to ensure you get the most out of it!


Nintendo Power 2010 Calendar

Includes 89 Stickers x 1 Calendar + 12 Posters



Nintendo Gaming Super Stars Volume 1

Includes 10 pull-out posters (5 two-sided posters.)



Nintendo Power Summer Games

The 10 BEST NEW GAMES for Wii. How to be a Nintendo Dsi POWER USER, and much, much more!



Nintendo Power Advance Book 1


Game Specific Official Nintendo Guides


Banjo Tooie


Chrono Trigger


Conker's Bad Fur Day


Diddy Kong Racing


Donkey Kong 64


Donkey Kong Country


Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest


Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble


Dragon Warrior




Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

good condition

F-Zero GX

mint (with giant poster)

Final Fantasy I&II Dawn of Souls

mint with fold out map

Final Fantasy III


Final Fantasy IV Advance

mint with fold out map
note to self: **might have 2 of these**

Final Fantasy V Advance

mint with fold out map

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles


Final Fantasy Tactics Advance


Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance


Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones


Game Boy Camera Funtography Guide (Official Nintendo)


GoldenEye 007


Golden Sun: The Lost Age


Killer Instinct


Jet Force Gemini

Good condition

Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition


(The reflective cover made it impossible to get a decent quality scan. A camera was used for the following pictures.)
 [1] [2] [3] [4]

Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure


Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, A



Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Includes extra DX Dungeon sheet from Nintendo USA. Photo 1 ~ Photo 2


Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask


Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap, The

mint with giant Zelda poster!

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Oracle of Ages


Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, The


Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Collector's Edition [Hard Cover]
**While not an official Nintendo guide the quality of this is worthy of a post. Name another hard cover guide with gold around the edges and a map made of cloth! Nintendo should have done this themselves.
MORE PICTURES: [1] [2] [3] [4]


Luigi's Mansion


Mario & Luigi Partners in Time


Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga


Mario Kart 64


Mario Kart: Double Dash


Mario Paint


Metroid Fusion


Metroid Prime


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

mint (metallic cover)

Metroid Prime Hunters

with pull-out map

Metroid Zero Mission


New Super Mario Bros.


Nintendogs: Pups, The Official Companion


Paper Mario


Perfect Dark




Pikmin 2


StarFox 64


StarFox Assault

mint with fold-out poster

StarFox Adventures


Star Wars -Episode I- Racer
Official Pilot's Guide


Star Wars: Rogue Squadron


Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader


Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike


Street Fighter II Turbo


Super Mario 64


Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island


Super Mario Advance 4: SMB 3


Super Mario Maker


Super Mario All-Stars


Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars


Super Mario Sunshine


Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island


Super Metroid


Super Paper Mario


Super Smash Bros Melee


Sword of Mana


Yoshi's Island DS


Yoshi's Story

mint with Collector's "Pop-Up"

Wario World


Wave Race Blue Storm




All SNES Related Official Nintendo Player's Guides

All Metroid Related Official Nintendo Player's Guides


More Strategy Guides Company Year System Condition Photos
Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M. Acclaim ? N64 mint N/A
Army Men 3D Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Batman & Robin Prima ? ? mint N/A
Battletanx: Global Assault Prima ? ? mint N/A
Blasto Dimension ? PlayStation mint N/A
Body Harvest Prima ? N64 mint N/A
Buck Bumble Prima ? N64 mint N/A
Centipede Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Colony Wars: Vengence Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Crash Bandicoot The Official Guide Dimension 1996 PlayStation mint [1]
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Dimension ? PlayStation mint N/A






Dead or Alive Offical Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Destrega Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Donkey Kong 64 Perfect Guide Versus ? N64 mint N/A
DOOM 3 Official Game Guide ? 2006 Xbox360 mint N/A
Fifth Element, The Dimension ? Playstation mint N/A
Fighting Force: The official guide ? 2005 Playstation mint N/A
Fighting Force 64 N64 ? N64 mint N/A
Fighter's Edge (CAPCOM) Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Final Fantasy XII Signature Series BradyGames 2006 PlayStation 2 mint N/A
Gex: Enter the Gecko Dimension ? PlayStation mint N/A
Gex 64:Enter the Gecko Millenium ? PlayStation mint N/A
Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko Millenium ? Xbox360 mint N/A
Glover Prima ? N64 mint N/A
Grand Theft Auto III Official BradyGames ? PS2/PC mint N/A
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories BradyGames 2005 PSP mint [1][2][3][4][5][6]
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas BradyGames 2005 Xbox/PC mint [1][2][3][4][5][6][7]
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Official Guide BradyGames 2002 PlayStation 2 mint [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories BradyGames 2006 PSP mint [1][2][3][4][5][6]
Half-Life 2 Prima 2006 PC/Xbox mint N/A
Halo 2 PiggyBack 2004 Xbox mint N/A
How to Win at Nintendo Games Jeff Rovin 1993 Picture vg N/A
How to Win at Super Mario Bros. Games Jeff Rovin 1994 Picture vg N/A
Industrial Spy: Operation  Guide Sega 1999 Dreamcast mint N/A
Jade Cocoon: Story/Tamamayu Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Jade Empire Official +DVD-Video Prima ? Xbox mint N/A
Kameo Elements of Power Prima 2005 Xbox 360 cg N/A
Knockout Kings 2000 Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Lara Croft Phenomenom Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Legend of Zelda:TOOT Perfect Versus ? N64 mint N/A
Lord of the Rings Middle Earth II Prima 2006 Xbox360 mint N/A
Mario Kart Super Circuit Official BradyGames 2006 GBA mint N/A
Metal Gear Ac!d BradyGames 2006 PSP mint N/A
Metal Gear Solid Official Handbook Millenium ? PlayStation mint N/A
Metal Gear Solid Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater BradyGames ? PlayStation 2 mint N/A
Mission Impossible Official Guide ? ? ? mint N/A
Monkey Hero Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Mortal Kombat 3 Komplete ? ? snes/gen mint N/A
Mortal Kombat 3 Fighter's Kompanion BradyGames ? ? mint N/A
Mortal Kombat 4 Fighter's Kompanion BradyGames ? ? mint N/A
NiGHTS The Official Strategy Guide Prima ? Saturn mint/seal [1][2]
Nightmare Creatures Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Ninja: Shadow of Darkness Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
One Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Outfit, The BradyGames 2006 Xbox360 mint N/A
Pandemonium Zach Meston ? PlayStation mint N/A
Parasite Eve Official Guide Squaresoft ? PlayStation mint N/A
Perfect Dark Zero Official Guide Prima 2006 Xbox 360 mint N/A
Pokemon Special Pikachu Edition Versus ? N64 mint N/A
Prey BradyGames 2006 Xbox 360 mint N/A
Primal Rage Unauthorized ? ? PlayStation mint N/A
Quake Prima ? ? mint N/A
Quake 4 Prima 2005 Xbox360 mint N/A
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Prima ? Dreamcast mint N/A
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Official BradyGames ? Dreamcast mint N/A
Resident Evil Strategy Guide ? ? PlayStation mint N/A
Resident Evil 2 Perfect Guide Versus ? PlayStation mint N/A
Resident Evil 2 Guide Leon/Clare ? ? PlayStation mint N/A
Resident Evil 3 Official Perfect Versus ? PlayStation mint N/A
Road Rash Jailbreak Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Rogue Trip Exclusive Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Shadow Madness Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Socom 3 U.S. Navy Seals Piggyback 2005 PlayStation 2 mint/seal N/A
Soul Blade: The Official Guide Zach Meston ? PlayStation mint N/A
South Park Acclaim ? Psx/N64 mint N/A
Space Station Silicon Valley Prima ? N64 mint N/A
Star Gladiator Official Strategy Guide Capcom ? PlayStation mint N/A
Super Mario 64 GAMEFAN'S Guide Dimension 1996 N64 mint N/A
Super Mario Advance (SMB2 Guide) Prima   GBA mint N/A
Super Smash Brothers Prima ? N64 mint N/A
Tekken - The Official Guide Namco ? PlayStation mint N/A
Tekken 3 Official Hardcore Gamin' Imagine ? PlayStation mint N/A
Tekken 3 Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Tekken 5 Prima ? PlayStation 2 mint N/A
Tenchu: Stealth Assassin Official ? ? PlayStation mint N/A
Thrasher: Skate & Destroy Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Tomb Raider: The Official Guide Zach Meston ? PlayStation mint N/A
Tomb Raider II: The Official Guide Dimension ? PlayStation mint N/A
Tomb Raider II Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Tomb Raider III: The Official Guide Dimension ? PlayStation mint N/A
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Prima ? N64 mint N/A
Turok 2 Official Strategy Guide ? ? N64 mint N/A
Turok Rage Wars ? ? N64 mint N/A
Unholy War, The Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Wargames ? ? PlayStation mint N/A
Wargasm [book] Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
WCW Nitro Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
WCW/NWO Thunder Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
WWF War Zone Official Guide Acclaim ? N64 mint N/A
X-Men VS. Street Fighter Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Prima's Playstation Game Secrets 1 Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A
Prima's Playstation Game Secrets 6 Prima ? PlayStation mint N/A

PC only Strategy Guides

Army Men II Prima ? PC mint N/A
Blood II The Chosen GW ? PC mint N/A
Carmageddon II: Carpocalpyse Now Prima ? PC mint N/A
Falcon 4.0 Prima ? PC mint N/A
Grim Fandango (full color insert) Prima ? PC mint N/A
Half-Life (1st printing) Prima ? PC mint N/A
Quake II Prima


PC mint N/A
Shogo Official Guide Sybex ? PC mint N/A
Star Wars X-Wing Alliance Prima ? PC mint N/A
Thief: The Dark Project Prima ? PC mint N/A
Total Annihilation: Kingdoms - Official Prima ? PC mint N/A
Text only list of all Nintendo books and strategy guides seen here (updated 11/03/2016)
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