"Play games on the street or at home on TV!"

Comes packaged with:
1. Game Boy-ish unit
2. Game Boy sized cartridge (containing NES games)
3. RCA Audio/Video cables
4. Dr. Boy to Famicom Adapter
5. AC Adapter
6. Instructions (English? : I suppose)

This system has 2 modes of play. 1. A cheap built-in LCD game 2. semi portable NES.
When set to "LCD" you get to play a simplistic version of the game Pooyan to play on the LCD screen.
When set to "TV" it is used as a Famicom (NES) unit and can play virtually any cartridge you plug in.

It runs on either 4 AAA batteries or the included AC adapter for both modes of play.
"BUT NOT BOTH AS ONCE" the instructions warn!

Menu of multi-cart playing off  the Dr. Boy.
Tons of misspellings...and no it does not have TEKKEN IXM :(

I skimmed through the games. It has your basic multi-cart run of games:
Super Mario Bros. , Popeye, Tengen Tetris, Soccer, Contra, Galaga, Mario Bros...etc..

BIRD WEEK ROCKS!...oh no wait...it doesn't

You can get NES cartridges to work on it with the Famicom to NES Adapter... though it's a bit clunky

Overall not a bad little system. It would obviously be much better if you could play Game Boy
carts on it or if you could view the NES games on the built-in LCD screen.
I haven't seen too many of these around. So that alone makes it cool, doesn't it? :p

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(*!*) Favorite Engrish phrase
"Three or more keys are not allowed to press down together at once. It will turn OFF the LCD games!"


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