*NEWS* 11/2009.. Sega Genesis version of Mondu's Fight Palace is discovered. Pictures here!!

his game is Considered by many to be one of the worst games ever produced for the Sega Genesis. I strongly disagree! One of the more popular game review websites called this " A
Street Fighter 2 clone without the good elements." Now for a bit of truth. Street Fighter 2 was released in 1991. The original version of this was released in 1989 and those of you who say
Street Fighter is an original game have probably never played Karate Champ. I realize there
are also Amiga and PC IBM ports of this that came out before this version. I have not been
able to play those as of yet so my review will focus on the Sega Genesis / Megadrive versions.
I have screenshots and box scans from all versions however.

A very unique and strange fighter. Fatman/Slaughter Sport is different to say the least!
It contains a cast of characters that would make the Cantina bar regular seem normal in contrast.
The fighters range from a gassy gargoyle named Guano, to Stump, a mutant, legless arm wrestler.

For some it has become an instant classic. True, it doesn't make for a great single player game,
but when you've played a few rounds of Mondu VS Mondu into the wee hours of the night with your
 friends, you will then truly understand the fun to be had in this game. Load up on Slow and anti-Jump weapons and crush the fat bastard! Watch out for the bees...they'll sting your arse.


GRAPHICS: 5 (Mondu looks very nice for a 16-bit fatty)

(Nothing special, the intro voice is funny, I added an extra point for Guano's fart)

(The controls often work against you. At least with a 2 player game you both suffer..ENJOY!)

FUN: 10+
(Mondu Vs. Mondu. TIP: Freeze Mondu and lick him
like a fat scoop of your favorite ice cream.)

Buy this game if you want something very funny and unique.
The only difference between the Japanese and English versions is the ability to select your fighter in a 2 player game without having to input the code (see below). I had fun playing through and finding the codes on my own. You can probably find a copy of this cheap on Ebay or your game bargain bins... Mondu is waiting 

SEE ALSO: Slaughter Sport FAQ/Move List (c) DEATHSCHILD (2004-09-29)