The HotRod Joystick is a PC based model on the original arcade control panel designed for home use.
It plugs right into the back of your PC, through the PS/2 keyboard port in between the keyboard and the PC.
The HotRod Joystick is a low-level bios input device, and it simulates a keyboard to your computer.

It was designed to replicate that classic arcade feel using Retrogaming emulation programs such as M.A.M.E., Retrocade, and commercia
 release titles such as Microsoft's? "Return of the Arcade", and "William's Classic Arcade hits". HotRod simulates that "real"
classic arcade experience, by using real commercial grade arcade components, that are actually an "overkill" for the home market.

However, it produces a nice effect for that avid classic gamer who demands that authentic play.
It is a very unique joystick, unlike any regular joystick you will find on the market. It is capable of playing 1 to 2 player games side
by side with your friends, or complex arcade games that require dual joystick usage such as Robotron?, BattleZone?, or even CrazyClimbe.
That old analog PC joystick could never do this!



The HotRod Joystick cabinet measures 24 inches wide (61 cm), 11 inches (28 cm) deep, and 6 inches (15.25cm) tall and weights approximately 15-16lbs.
All HotRod models use the Happ(tm) 'super' 8 way joysticks and Happ(tm) buttons.
HotRod is built solid using Melamine-laminated wood and many real arcade components for that realistic look and feel.
No Drivers or special hardware is needed. HotRod comes with a keyboard input, and a keyboard output on the back.
You simply plug the HotRod into your PC, and plug your keyboard into the HotRod, and you're ready to go.
Your keyboard remains fully functional.
HotRod is designed tough for extreme play.
Each Joystick panel comes with a ps/2 male to male cord.
Handcrafted in the USA, with a 90 day warranty. See legal for details
Includes software; MAME, Arcade@Home, and Capcom ROMS.
Currently HotRod has PC (ps/2) support only.
HotRod fits right on your desk, directly in front of your monitor.
10% angle top plate.
The Top is covered with a durable custom polycarbonate that is UV, soil, and scuff resistant just like the real arcade machines.
HotRod has 3m PolylastomerŽ feet designed for non-slip usage.
Future versions such as keyboard programmability and rapid fire buttons are in development. (no date yet announced)
Keyboard hacks use a matrix system for input which is inferior due to the keyboard design. The keyboard was never designed for multiple buttons to be pressed and held for sustained periods. For retro type games this causes ghosting and produces latency issues. Every button on the HotRod joystick can be simultaneously pressed and released because HotRod's inputs are sampled independently without use of a matrix system.



Hanaho Hotrod Arcade Stick
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Great stick, but be default it only worked with the old PC PS/2 port.


X-Arcade sells an upgrade kit which will convert your PS/2 HotRod SE to a full USB based stick.

The X-Arcade™ USB Encoder Uprgrade Kit allows you to upgrade your Hotrod SE Joystick or Arcade PC from Hanaho Games
and provide game console AND USB supportc

Here's a video showing how to perform the wiring upgrade.


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