MONOPOLY®: The Legend of Zelda GameStop Exclusive Edition (c) 2014 USAopoly (Click for larger resolution)
6 Collectible tokens / Houses renamed Deku Sprouts, Hotels renamed Deku Trees / Zelda themed money / 11x17 Hyrule Map Lithograph in Treasure Chest Holder
The Legend of Zelda MONOPOLY game takes players on a trip through time as they travel through the land of Hyrule and beyond. Memorable locations include Link's House, Temple of Time and the Lon Lon Ranch and are all up for grabs in this special collector's edition of one of the most revered video games of all time. In addition to collectible tokens, custom designed game board, Zelda themed money and custom Chance, Community Chest and deed cards, the GameStop Exclusive edition includes the Ocarina of Time token, Hyrule Map Lithograph and 6 Item Cards for added game play.

The Legend of Zelda 550 piece 18" x 24" Collector's Puzzle (c) 2014 USAopoly (Click for larger resolution)
From the fiery peaks of Death Mountain to Zora's Domain, the world is yours to piece together. Piece together a beautifully detailed map of Hyrule.

Super Mario - World of Nintendo 20" Figure by Jakks Pacific (Click for larger resolution)


Sonic Mania Collector's Edition - PS4 Version (c) 2017 Sega (Click for larger resolution)

Pac-Man Heat Changing Mug (c) 2010 NamcoBandai (Click for larger resolution)

Pac-Man Grindley Mug (c) 1980 Namco/Grindley (Click for larger resolution)

Pac-Man Paladone Mug (c) 2015 Bandai/Namco (Click for larger resolution)

Pac-Man Glasses (Click for larger resolution)

Atari Pint Glasses [Set of 4] (Click for larger resolution)  

Hot Wheels Super Mario 30th Anniversary Cars (All 6) (Click for larger resolution)
~ 1. Super Mario Bros.(Dairy Delivery) 2. Super Mario Bros. 2 (Cool-One) 3. Super Mario Bros. 3 (School Busted)
4. Super Mario World (Volkswagen T1 Panel Bus) 6. Mario Kart (A-OK) 7. Dr. Mario (8 Crate Delivery ~

Atari Hot Wheels(Click for larger resolution)
~ Atari 2600 GMC Motorhome , Breakout '49 Ford C.O.E., Centipede Cool-One, Missile Command Fast Gassin , Tempest '55 Chevy Panel ~

Transformers x Mega Drive Megatron 7.8" Robot 2014 (c) Takara x Sentinel (Click for larger resolution)

Earthworm Jim Figure [2012 Mezco] (Click for larger resolution)

Medicom Super Mario Bros. Classic Mario Figure (UDF174) 2014
(Click for larger resolution)

Medicom The Legend of Zelda Classic Link Figure (UDF177) 2014
(Click for larger resolution)

Medicom Mario Bros. Classic Mario Figure (UDF198) 2014
(Click for larger resolution)

Medicom Mario Bros. Classic Luigi Figure (UDF199) 2014  
(Click for larger resolution)

Nintendo Amiibo Figurines (2014-2017 Nintendo)  Click for larger resolution

Wave 1 (11/2014): 01. Mario 02. Peach 03. Yoshi 04. Donkey Kong 05. Link 06. Fox 07. Samus 08. Wii Fit Trainer 09. Villager 10. Pikachu 11. Kirby 12. Marth (100%)

Wave 2 (12/2014): 01. Zelda 02. Diddy Kong 03. Luigi 04. Little Mac 05. Pit 06. Captain Falcon (100%)

Wave 3 (02/2015): 01.Rosalina (T) 02.Bowser 03.Lucario(tru) 04.Toon Link 05.Sheik 06.Ike 07.Shulk (GS) 08.Sonic 09.Mega Man 10.King Dedede 11.Meta Knight(bb) (100%)

Wave 4 (05/29/15): 01. Robin 02. Lucina 03. Wario 04. Charizard 05. Pac-Man 06. Ness (GS) 07. Jigglypuff (Target) 08. Greninja (TRU) (100%)

Wave 5  (07/24/15): 01. Dark Pit (GS) 02. Palutena (Amazon)03. Pikmin & Olimar 04.  Bowser Jr. (TRU) 05. Dr. Mario (Target) 06. Zero Suit Samus 07. Ganondorf  (100%)

Wave 6  (09/25/15): 01. Mr. Game & Watch/R.O.B. / Duck Hunt (GameStop 3 Pack) 2. Mii Brawler/ Gunner/Swordfighter 3 Pack (ToysRUs) 3. Falco  (100%)

Wave 7  (11/13/15): 01. Mewtwo 2. Lucas 3. Ryu  4. R.O.B. (Famicom Colors) 5. Roy

Wave 8  (07/01/17): 01. Bayonetta 2. Cloud Strife (FFVII) 3 Corrin (NOT OWNED), 4,5,6 "Player 2 versions" (NOT OWNED)

Super Mario Bros Wave 01. Super Mario 02. Luigi 03. Peach 04. Yoshi 05. Toad 06. Bowser 07. Gold Super Mario (Wal-Mart) 08.Silver Super Mario 09. Boo 

Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary - 01. Link (8-Bit) 02. Toon Link 03. Zelda (Wind Waker) 04. Link (Ocarina of Time)  (100%)

OTHER:  01. Super Mario 30th Anniversary Edition (Classic Color) 02. SMB 30th (Modern Color) 3. SMB 30th (Modern Color) JPN   (100%)

OTHER: Yoshi's Woolly World - 01. Light Blue Yoshi 02 Pink Yoshi 03 Green Yoshi 04. Yarn Poochy 05.  Extra Green Yoshi (Bundled with Yoshi's Woolly World (Wii U)  (100%)

OTHER 03. Chibi Robo  /  Chibi Robo (Bundled with 3DS game)  (100%) ~/~  OTHER Shovel Knight  (100%)

OTHER Samus Aran & Metroid  (100%)

Random Amiibo Close-ups

Stored away in totes..

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Problem #1, #2 - Loose Amiibo in clear case 1 / 2 / 3

Extra Pics: Wave 1
Wave 2 Wave 3Wave 4Wave 5Wave 6Wave SMWave YoshiWave ZeldaWaveChibi


Club Nintendo Super Mario Figurine (2010 Platinum Status Gift)
(Click for larger resolution)

Metroid: Other M Samus 6" Figure (factory sealed in mint box_pics from ad) (2014)
(Click for larger resolution)

Pepsi Nintendo Dot Bottle Cap Collection -all 30-
(Click for larger resolution)

Coleco Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong JR., and Mario PVC Figures from 1982
(Click for larger resolution)

Q*bert Wind-up Action Figure 1983 (c) Kenner
(Click for larger resolution)

Plants Vs Zombies Polymer Figurines (c) 2013 Handmade (Click for larger resolution)

Mario Kart Tomy Bit Charger Mario & Yoshi  2001
(Click for larger resolution)

Micro B 1.0 (10,000 RPM) motor - 9.86:1 gear ratio to axle- 6 way movement - Custom tires - 5x Banana Obstacles - 1x Mushroom Obstacle - 2x Turtle Shell Obstacles - Cardboard pop-up obstacles

Super Mario Kart  DK JR. & Yoshi Key Chains '94 (c) Pelican SMB3, Duck Hunt, & Birdo Perler Beads
(Click for larger resolution)

Donkey Kong Country (Super DK) Imported Figures by Takara Toys
(Click for larger resolution)

Donkey Kong Video Arcade Keychain (c) 1998 Basic Fun
(Click for larger resolution)

Pac-Man Wind-up (c) 1982 Tomy
(Click for larger resolution)

Pac-Man Keepsake Ornament (c) 2008 Hallmark
(Click for larger resolution)

Galaga Keepsake Ornament (c) 2009 Hallmark
(Click for larger resolution)

Vampire Savior Morrigan (Blond) Vinyl Figure Statue (c) 2003 Banpresto Approx. 26cm / Japanese Import
(Click for larger resolution)

NECA God of War III Ultimate Kratos Figure  Approx. 7" / Over 30 points of articulation / 2 heads
(Click for larger resolution)

Castlevania Dracula X Pre-order bonus (c) 2007 Konami
(Click for larger resolution)

Tomb Raider Pewter Figure (Pre-order Bonus for Last Revelation Dreamcast Game)
(Click for larger resolution)

Sonic The Hedgehog Talking Plush 1997 (c) Treasures (Click for larger resolution)

Rare Talking Sonic Adventure 11"  figure (Sega) Figure 1999 (c) ReSaurus (Click for larger resolution)

Click for short video demo [10MB]

Vintage 1982 Donkey Kong Plush Doll
(Click for larger resolution)

NEO-GEO Pocket Pal Beanie Promos. They are wearing NEO-GEO! 1999 (c) SNK
(Click for larger resolution)

Complete Set includes; White Bear, Black Bear, Frog, Monkey, Moose

Crash Bandicoot Plush (c) 1998 ReSaurus
(Click for larger resolution)

Little Big Planet 2 Collector's Edition 2011 (c) Sony/Media Molecule (Click for box scan)
(Click for larger resolution)


Alien Colonial Marines Collector's Edition (c) Sega (Click for box scan) -> <-
(Click for larger resolution)

Applause Super Mario Bros. Figures from 1991
(Click for larger resolution)

Mario Kart 64 Motorized Figures (c) Toybiz 1999 - Complete Set of 6, all MOC
(Click for larger resolution)

Includes; Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Bowser, & Wario

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Figures (c) Toybiz 2000 Complete set of 3, MOC / Donkey Kong set of 5
(Click for larger resolution)

Resident Evil 1 & 2 Figures (c) Toybiz 1998 & 2000 Set of 9, MOC
(Click for larger resolution)

Metal Gear Solid 1 & 2 Figures (c) McFarlane Toys 1998 & 2000 Complete set of 14, All MOC
(Click for larger resolution) Close-up MGS2 Figure shots: FORTUNE - METAL GEAR RAY - OLGA - RAIDEN - REVOLVER OCELOT - SOLID SNAKE - SOLIDUS SNAKE -

Yujin Super Mario Bros. [Kubrik] Figures [Set of 6] (Click for larger resolution) [imported]

Yujin Pikmin Keychains [imported] (Click for larger resolution) [] 4 Plush Yoshi's

Genesis Classic Console USB Hub (2016 Nerd Block) Click for larger resolution)

SR Yujin Console History - Nintendo & Sega [imported] (Click for larger resolution)

SR Yujin Console History Sets: Nintendo Namco Special + Super Nintendo [imported] (Click for larger resolution)

SR Yujin Console History Sets: Nintendo Game Boy [imported] (Click for larger resolution)

SR Yujin Console History Sets Sony PlayStation + Epoch 80s Game Console Collection (Click for larger resolution)

Metal Slug Neo-Geo Mechanical Kit Collection (c) Tomy (Two Sets + 15 AES Carts)  (Click for larger resolution)

Includes Metal Slug: Marco Rossi figure, Super Vehicle 001 toy, Metal Slug mini cartridge. Metal Slug 2: Tarma Roving figure, Super Vehicle 002 toy, Metal Slug 2 mini cartridge. Metal Slug X: Eri Kasamoto figure, Metal Slug Harrier VTOL jet toy, Metal Slug X mini cartridge. Metal Slug 3: Fiolina Germi figure, Metal Slug Camel toy, Metal Slug 3 mini cartridge. NEO GEO: AES console with one joystick and memory card.

SNK Fatal Fury Keshi figures from 1992  Axel Hawk, Wolfgang Krauser, and Kim Kapwha (c) 1992 SNK

"M.U.S.C.L.E./Kinnikuman style",,,, These were given to me by SNK along with a Christmas Card

Tomb Raider Promo Watch (Pre-order Bonus)
(Click for larger resolution)

Super Mario 64 Promo Watch 1997 (c) Bensussen Deutsch & Associates (Official Nintendo Licensed)
(Click for larger resolution)

Starseige: Tribes Wrist Watch + Pocket Watch version -here-
(Click for larger resolution)

Pac-Man Premium LED Desk Clock RAW Thrills (c) 2015 Click for YouTube video preview!!
(Click for larger resolution)

Megaman Anniversary Edition Sticky Clock Promo
(Click for larger resolution)
Bonus Pic

Nintendo Punch-Out!! King Hippo Nintendo Link Bendable Figure Nintendo KLIK Candy: Mario/DK/LOZ Joyride Figures (Assorted)
(Click for larger resolution) (Click for larger resolution) (Click for larger resolution) (Click for larger resolution)

12" SNK Mai KOF Figurine NIB [BBI] ~ * ~ LUNAR Silver Star Story Complete Ghaleon Boxing Puppet
(Click for larger resolution)

Click here for uncensored picture

Click here for box shot



Nintendo Donkey Kong Jenga Collector's Edition [unopened]
(Click for larger resolution)

Super Mario Yahtzee [unopened]
(Click for larger resolution)

Super Mario Bros. Checkers & Tic-Tac-Toe [unopened]
(Click for larger resolution)

Super Mario Chess [unopened]
(Click for larger resolution)

Nintendo Monopoly [unopened]
(Click for larger resolution)

Classic MB/Parker Brothers Board Games [Berzerk, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man, Popeye, Q&bert, Turbo, Zaxxon]
(Click for larger resolution)

Final Fantasy XII Potion
Collapsible Manny
(Grim Fandango)
Resident Evil Revelations
3DS Case
Final Fantasy
plastic Chocobo
Released by Square-Enix & Suntory in Japan. It  either recovers hit points or kills you.
 I'm not going to try it!
Rare pre-order incentive for Grim Fandango.
A button on the bottom makes his limbs move. Morbidly cute!
A pre-order incentive given out by Capcom Given away for pre-orders of Final Fantasy VIII... cute eh?
(Click for larger resolution) (Click for larger resolution) (Click for larger resolution) (Click for larger resolution)

Energy Drinks: Pac-Man Bonus Fruit/Sonic Boom/Donkey Kong Jungle Juice/Mega Man E-Tank/SF2 Sonic Boom/
Gears of War Emulsion
/SF2 Dragon Punch/Pac-Man Power Up/RE T-Virus/
Super Mario Bros. Power Up!/Ms Pac-Man Warp Tunnel

8 cans of 8.4 oz (250ml) of Blue-Raspberry drink "NOT FOR CHILDREN" (Is what it says on the can!) Pac-Man Power-Up "Limit 3 cans per day" 

Energy Drinks: Ms Pac-Man Warp Tunnel, Street Fighter II Dragon Punch & Resident Evil Virus Antidote (c) Boston America
(Click for larger resolution)

4 cans of 8.4 oz (250ml) of Energy drink .... Shōryū-ken!

Super Mario Cereal (x2 Boxes)
(Click for larger resolution)

Space Invaders Candy Cab (x1)
(Click for larger resolution)

Ms. Pac-Man Candy Cab (x2)
(Click for larger resolution)

Pac-Man Candy Cab (x3)
(Click for larger resolution)

PlayStation Portable Sours (Blue Raspberry & Red Cherry)
(Click for larger resolution)
[Bonus Picture]

Nintendo GC Light & Sound Candy Container + GBA Replica Candies
(Click for larger resolution)
[Bonus Picture1, 2]

Nintendo & Namco (Pac-Man) Candy Tins
(Click for larger resolution)

Nintendo Wii Mints  ~ Atari Mints
(Click for larger resolution)


2012 Burger King Nintendo Wii U Toys (set of 10) (Click for larger resolution)
Each CD contains both a classic arcade version and all new rendition of the specified game. Video commercial here


2010 Taco Bell Atari "Classic & New" CDs (set of 4) (Click for larger resolution)
Each CD contains both a classic arcade version and all new rendition of the specified game. Related YouTube videos here


2011 Wendy's Pac-Man Party Collection (set of 4) (Click for larger resolution)
Includes: Pac-Man Bowling, Pac-Man Dash Game, Pac-Man Hide & Seek, Pac-Man Maze Craze, & Pac-Man Tag


2008 Burger King Nintendo Wii Toys (set of 10) (Click for larger resolution)


2006 McDonalds Nintendo "Mario Challenge Set" (set of 6) (Click for larger resolution)
(1) Donkey Kong Banana Chaser (2) Donkey Kong Throw & Go Spinner (3) Mario Throw and Catch Ball
(4) Mario Power Tennis Hammer and Ball (5) Yoshi Tag and Run Meter (6)Yoshi Pop and Catch


2005 Burger King Activision LCD Games (set of4) (Click for larger resolution)

Includes Activision Grand Prix, Tennis, Kaboom!, & Barnstorming


2004 McDonalds SEGA Electronic LCD Toys (complete set of 8) (Click for larger resolution)

(1) Knuckles Treasure Hunt (2) Sonic the Hedgehog Extreme Boarding (3) Amy & Rogue Volleyball (4) Big's Fishing
(5) Shadow Hockey  (6) Billy's Giant Egg (7) Tails' Sky Adventure (8) Cream Flower Coach
Flash versions [SEGA Intro]  [Amy & Rogue Volleyball]  [Sonic The Hedgehog Extreme Boarding]


2003 McDonalds SEGA Electronic LCD Toys (complete set of 6) (Click for larger resolution)

((1) Sonic The Hedgehog Speedway (2) Shadow Grinder (3) Knuckles Soccer (4) Sonic The Hedgehog Action Game (5) AiAi's Banana Catch (6) Tails Sky Patrol
Flash versions [SEGA Intro]  [AiAi's Banana Catch]  [Sonic The Hedgehog Speedway]


2003 Burger King Nintendo SuperStars (complete set of 10) (Click for larger resolution)

(1) Kirby Maze Adventures (2) Donkey Kong Time Racer (3) Shield Spin Link (4) Hop & Slide Diddy Kong (5) Soar & Chase Luigi
(6) Coin Collector Mario Sunshine (7) Egg Hunter Yoshi (8)Water Whirl Wario (9) Race Around Peach & Bowser (10) Kirby Ball Toss

And finally...Here are some terrible quality pictures that I am keeping as temporary place holders until I can
borrow them from my storage unit and take better pictures!
Namco Pac-Man plush Famicom Museum History
Super Mario Bros. Audio CD (Mini)
Nintendo plushies
+ talking Sonic "SEGA!"

Viewtiful Joe Bobble Head. I have two of these. The other is still new in the plastic box. Viewtiful Joe Bobble Head. I have two of these. The other is still new in the plastic box. Earthworm Jim Figures (6) -mint on cards-

BBI Perfect Dark Joanna Dark 12" figure. Rare chrome version. -mint-

Playstation launch day coffee mug from 1995. figures, hats, t-shirts...

Nintendo Bobble Heads
[Luigi and Bowser]

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