Game Axe Color Portable Gaming System by Redant.

Compatible with NES* & Famicom cartridges!
*Using 60 -> 72 pin adapter

Complete in box with manual, cellophane covered system, NES to Famicom Adapter.


This portable Nintendo 8-bit system Very much resembles a Genesis Nomad Portable unit.
It features a large 4" vivid back-lit LCD screen! It runs on 6 AA batteries and can also use a 9 volt DC adapter*
The speaker is very good quality and the volume can be turned up VERY loud. It also features a standard 1/8th" headphone jack as well
The controls are similar to a NES Pad and have turbo and reset. 
This unit can play both USA and Japanese carts with a 72 to 60 pin adapter

It also has 2 built in joystick ports for to use joypads (useful for 2 player simultaneous games)


Game Axe Color connected to a TV PlayStation 1 board connected to the Game Axe!
Connect the Game Axe Color to any TV using a (Genesis 2) A/V adapter.
It utilizes a BETTER cartridge connector than a Nintendo home unit so you
don't have to waste time getting the dreaded blinking gray screen!
Connect other video devices (Cable box, DVD, Game system) to the Super Game Axe Color using a standard 1/8" "Y-Adapter" found at Radio Shack and you can use it as a monitor!

See also... Joysticks, A/C Adapters, & Light Guns...oh my!




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*Voltage required is 9v DC 500 MA center negative.