Play all your Nintendo / Famicom Games on this controller!
Or play the games that are built in:

This unit is VERY rare and not found in the USA. I love the one I have and
have since packed away my Top Loading NES because it doesn't have the better quality Composite (RCA) 
type audio/video outputs that this unit has. 

Once a bulky NES system now fits ENTIRELY into a hand held controller. 
With all the power of the full sized Nintendo machine WITHOUT the annoying blinking screen!



-bit Nintendo/Famicom Console Unit (in a N64 style Joystick) 
Plays 100% of your Nintendo AND Famicom cartridges!
Pair of A/V RCA Cables for maximum quality sound and video
Special A/C Adapter (fully compatible with USA Power standards....
Including an NES (American) to Famicom (Japanese) adapter.
(shown on right)
Game Listing

01. Dragon Ball Z 2 (Unreleased)
02. Track and Field (Konami)
03. Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo)
04. Tetris (Tengen)
05. Nintendo Soccer (Nintendo)
06. Battle City (Taito)
07. Duck Hunt (Nintendo)
08. Wild Gunman (Nintendo)
09. Hogan's Alley (Nintendo)
10. Lode Runner (Broderbund)
11. Road Fighter (Konami)
12. Popeye (Nintendo)
13. Galaxian (Namco)
14. Binary Land (Nintendo)
15. Yie Ar KungFu (Konami)
16. Macross (Bandai)
17. Lunar Pool (FCI)
18. Bomberman (Hudson Soft)
19. Antarctic Adv. (Konmani)
20. Pac-Man (Namco)
21. Ice Climber (Nintendo)
22. - 6400. = Trained Games




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