Play all your Nintendo / Famicom Games on this controller!
Or play the games that are built in:



You can even play two player games and games that
require the light gun with all that is included!

1 NES / Famicom compatible system contained in a joystick paddle
NES Joystick
NES Light Gun
English (NES) to Japanese (Famicom) Adapter
A/C Adapter
Set of RCA A/V Cables

NES to Famicom adapter to play
American game cartridges.

Game Listing
01. Street Fighter II (Unreleased)
02. Track and Field (Konami)
03. Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo)
04. Tetris (Tengen)
05. Nintendo Soccer (Nintendo)
06. Battle City (Taito)
07. Duck Hunt (Nintendo)
08. Wild Gunman (Nintendo)
09. Hogan's Alley (Nintendo)
10. Lode Runner (Broderbund)
11. Road Fighter (Konami)
12. Popeye (Nintendo)
13. Galaxian (Namco)
14. Binary Land (Nintendo)
15. Yie Ar KungFu (Konami)
16. Circus Charlie (Konami)
17. Lunar Pool (FCI)
18. Zippy Race (Konami)
19. Donkey Kong (Nintendo)
20. Pac-Man (Namco)
21. Ice Climber (Nintendo)
22. - 32. = Trained Games



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