"Multi-Functions Family Entertainment".... huh?

256 Mbit Doctor V64 Machine with 24X cdrom
You must own the cartridge in order to legally back-up the rom.. Distributing ANY copied game is highly illegal!
This unit plays:
VCD, Music CD and MPEG movie player, also able to use it as a ROM emulator to
develop N64 games. Doctor V64 is a low cost ROM emulator for (c) N64 with parallel port for connection with computer.
Built-In Flash BIOS can be easily upgraded free of charge by downloading the BIOS from the Internet.
Doctor V64 has an MPEG chipset built-in, which makes it a VCD, and Music CD player.
It also has a 3D Spatializer chip built-in which will produce 3D surround sound effect for all audio.

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