This game plays like Street Fighter II. Well, sort of. You choose your character and then fight the rest of the Street Fight gang. This particular game contains 18 "peoples", or characters. Expect many palette swaps. Everyone has most of their moves with the exceptions of Guile's other basic attacks, Dhalsim's Yoga Flame, and Vega's Wall Climb.

Some moves are performed differently as well. Ryu/Ken's Shoryuken and Sagat's Tiger Uppercut require you to hold forward, tap down while holding forward and then press A. Dhalsim's air attacks are preformed by pressing A or B a little after the second frame of the jump animation. Also, many of the (Charge) Down, Up, attacks can't be charged when blocking. It manages to keep the gameplay close to the original.

All of the stages have been ported over, with exception of Chun-Li's stage [China] . None of the music in this game is from the Street Fighter series.

s the NES only has two buttons, strong/weak attacks are determined by how long the button is held down. The storyline goes in a preset order instead of having the first few fighters be randomly chosen.

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Street Fighter III Famicom - Video Link




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