~ Super Magic Drive SMD800 ~

Produced in the early 90's by Front Far East [FFE]. The Super Magic Drive supports up to 32MB of DRAM and 256KB of BRAM. Original Sega Genesis and Sega Megadrive game cartridges can be backed-up to either  an external floppy drive {sold separately} or saved to a pc through a parallel cable connected to the SMD's I/O port.

In addition to backing up your game cartridges the SMD can also play the backups on a real Sega Genesis/Megadrive game system by way of loading from the optional external drive or from a PC using a program such as VGS or

It also supports Gold Finger cheat codes (Similar to Game Action Replay and Game Genie) as does the
Super Wild Card SNES unit.

New pictures of the Front Far East Magic Drive (External floppy drive with enclorsure)

More pictures of a boxed SMD800 unit courtesy of Supermagi.com

The White Knight from Anthrox [TWK-ATX]: "Probably the best unit for GENESIS/MEGA DRIVE. Least hassle compared to the junk which followed."
SpooNMan from #snes: I need more froppies!

Own a Super Magic Drive copier? Then REMOVE THE SRAM BATTERY ASAP if you haven't already!



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