Below are some examples of how box art was changed from Japan's Sega Mega-Drive to the Sega Genesis in the US.
Some of them were changed for the better, but that wasn't always the case! Check them out below and judge for yourself.

I Personally prefer the Japanese version artwork on After Burner II, Strider,
Outrun, Alien Storm, Phelios, Shadow Dancer, & Gaiarus. On the other hand, games such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Golden Axe, & Zoom
appear to have better artwork for the US renditions.

I always thought the Genesis logo on the spines of the US inserts were way too large when compared to the game title.
I also didn't care for the change from the squared off logo SEGA GENESIS logo (See Altered Beast) to the sombrero style logo (see After Burner II).
I liked the original better. We all knew they were "16-bit cartridges" by this point! There was no need to cram this into the logo


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