Game Axe

Color Portable Nintendo 8-bit / Famicom Unit

This portable Nintendo 8-bit system Very much resembles a Genesis Nomad Portable unit.
It features a large 4" vivid back-lit LCD screen! It runs on 6 AA batteries and can also use a 9 volt DC adapter*
The speaker is very good quality and the volume can be turned up VERY loud!
The controls are every bit as good if not better than a NES Pad...also has built-in turbo and reset.

This unit can play both USA and Japanese carts with the
Japanese > American adapter...without this you can only play the Japanese Famicom carts.
It also has 2 built in joystick ports for 2 player games, but I'm not sure what type of joystick works with it. Maybe a Genesis or Atari..not sure.

Play on any TV!

GameAxe Playing Donkey Kong on a 40" TV...NICE!

Connect the GameAxe to any TV using a (Genesis 2) A/V adapter.
The GameAxe uses a BETTER connector than a Nintendo home unit so you
don't have to waste time getting the dreaded blinking gray screen!

Here you can see a Playstation (without case) attached to the GameAxe via 1/8" Y adapter...pretty cool!
The picture is a tad blurry, not the GameAxe

Connect other video devices (Psx, Dreamcast, TV, Video Camera) to the GameAxe using a standard 1/8"
"Y-Adapter" found at Radio Shack for around $3 and you can use it as a monitor!


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