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Colecovision Games (56)

Antarctic Adventure
Buck Rodgers: Planet of Doom
Burger Time
Carnival (factory sealed/mint)
Centipede (factory sealed/mint)
Cosmic Avenger
Cosmic Avenger (factory sealed/mint)
Congo Bongo
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong JR.
Donkey Kong JR. (factory sealed/mint)
"Double Ender"  Artillery Duel/C. Norris Super kicks
Dragon's Lair "ADAM" (factory sealed/mint)
Frenzy (CIB/mint)


G.I. Joe
Gorf (factory sealed/mint)
James Bond 007
Jungle Hunt
Ken Uston Black Jack (factory sealed/mint)
Lady Bug (factory sealed/mint)
Lady Bug

Looping (factory sealed/mint)
Miner 2049er
Mouse Trap (w/ overlays)
Mouse Trap (factory sealed/mint)
Mr. Do!
Mr. Do! (CIB/mint)
Mr. Do's Castle
Pepper II (CIB/mint)

Pepper II
Pitfall (factory sealed/mint)
Q*Bert (CIB/vg)
Rocky Super Actn Boxing (CIB/vg)

Robin Hood (Xonox)
Slither w/ RC (factory sealed/mint)

Smurf Rescue... (factory sealed/mint)
Space Fury
Space Fury (factory sealed/mint)
Space Panic
Subroc (mint/CIB/opened)

Super Baseball (mint/sealed box)

Time Pilot (vg -top flap ripped, Cart & Box)
Time Pilot
Turbo (w/ wheel exp.)
Venture (factory sealed/mint)
Wargames (w/ overlays)
Zaxxon (factory sealed/mint)



ColecoVision System
(Boxed & Complete with DK Cartridge & DK Instruction Manual)

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Colecovision System #2

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mint/factory sealed (back picture)

mint/factory sealed (w/ Turbo) (back picture)

mint/factory sealed (w/Slither)  (back picture)

mint/factory sealed (w/Super Action Baseball) 

(Picture of all Expansion Modules) (2)

Extra (loose) Module #1 Atari 2600

 Cleaning/fixing pics (2) (3) (4)
5) (6) (7) (8) (9

Extra (loose) Steering Wheel 

Telegames Dina System
(Colecovision compatible)

More Pictures of the Dina - Click Here!


"The Colecovision is a Smurfy good time!"

Frenzy + DKJR Carts


Colecovision advertisement from 1983 (EG Magazine)


COnnecticut LEather COmpany

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