Click here for my top 215 Arcade games list for MAME 32. Just put this file in your Mame/Folders 
directory or open it with notepad to see the rom names.
These are my personal favorites that I grew up with and enjoyed playing over the years. I am not a huge 
fan of VS. fighters, so there are only a select few. I do not have any roms. Sorry

Xbox/Game Cube/PS2/PSX Compatible Arcade Stick

! C L I C K ! ! C L I C K ! ! C L I C K ! ! C L I C K !
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X-Arcade Dual Joystick + PC Adapter 
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This controller will work with your PC as well as an Xbox, Game Cube, PSX, PS2, Dreamcast,Mac and forward compatible with future consoles for less than than the cost of most bargain control pads ($20). It's perfect for MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) as well as most every other emulator and also great for console fighters (Soul Calibur II, Tekken, Dead or Alive). MAME Currently supports nearly 5,000 Arcade games as of 5/04

I highly recommend the 2 Player model. Not only is it amazing for 2 player games, but also for dual joystick games such as Smash TV, Karate Champ, Robotron, Crazy Climber etc. 
Click here for details 

TIP: X-Arcade + Xbox Adapter + MAMEoX = Party!


Hanaho Hotrod Arcade Stick
Great stick, but it only works with the PC PS/2 port. No adapters available


The SIMS playing some classics



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