Slots & PC Gaming Collide: The Best Computer Game-Themed Slots

We all love our computer games, and thatís probably why so many online slots machines have been based off of them. After all, itís a lot more fun watching the characters we already love, surrounded by the themes weíve already enjoyed via our computer screens and remotes, than watching some generic fruit spinning by on the reels.

If youíre in the mood for some high quality online slots machine gaming based off of your all-time top computer game picks, then check out these fab choices today.



Tomb Raider


Tomb Raider is a kick ass computer game that is extremely popular across the globe. Itís got action, excitement, and a smokiní hot main character who has some fabulous moves and sensational gear.
There are actually two slots machines based off of this computer game. The first, a 15-payline machine, is a bit archaic with animation from Tomb Raider Legend and Tomb Raider Anniversary. But since itís a Microgaming game, it still has plenty of followers.

The newer edition, Tomb Raider II Secret of the Sword, is a 30-payline machine, and is a much better experience both graphically and in terms of bonuses. It has cool features like:

  •  Idol Bonus: Select your bonuses by clicking on various idols and uncovering the bonuses hidden within. You can do this 3-5 times before the bonus round runs out.

  •  Free Spins: You get more free spins the more Laraís you get, so keep Ďem coming!

  •  Rolling Reels

  • Global Adventure Bonus Round



Another Blueprint special, Worms slots brings the humour and fun of projectile ammunition and all around silliness to the online casino community. And these reels are off with a bang. One thing that makes this 5-reel slots machine different than most is the 50paylines that are constantly hot. Thereís no need to select and follow paylinepayouts because theyíre always live.

Blueprint Gaming successfully brought over the same friendly and goofy animation that you get from the computer game, and then added some original spice of their own. In addition to the great graphics, players will enjoy a number of bonuses like:

  • Free Spins Battle featuring Sergeant Major (handing out cash prizes), Skull & Crossbones (look out!), and Doctor Worm (a health booster, naturally!)

  • Space Trail Bonus: Multiply your winnings along this path.

  • The Crate Escape: Pick your way through crates containing prizes or weapons and rack up some great bonuses.



Plants vs. Zombies


Plants vs Zombies is a zany game with loads of novelty, so gamers are never bored for a second during these gaming sessions.
The Blueprint slots machine doesnít disappoint, creating a fantastic transition into the online casino world.
With bright, energetic animation, explosive elements, and loads of opportunities to hit the jackpot, the Plants vs Zombies slots keeps the excitement levels high.

Blueprint gets full props for maintaining the wild and unpredictable flavour and atmosphere characteristic of this game. Another great thing about Plants vs Zombies slots is that they really pack a lot of exciting features into the game. Enjoy the animation and check out these highlights:


  • Cherry Bomb Bonus: A free spins bonus that could trigger the massive progressive jackpot as well.

  • Zombie Bonus: This needs no explanation!

  • Zen Garden Bonus Round: Get in the zone with this Zen bonus round.


Donít forget Call of Fruity, Mega Boy, and Street Fighter. Ready to have some real fun with your favourite computer game-themed slots?
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