Bo makes it to FHM magazine! [:-}

"The only dog you will find in FHM" :p
~A Tribute to Bo~
original content post date 4/1/2005

When my dog passed away in 2003 I had him cremated and his ashes saved. 

When all is said and done you are presented a 5 cent plastic box containing your beloved pet.
Bo was an amazing dog and deserved something special as well as unique. 
None of the pet urns on the market did him justice and  were kind of creepy... 
Being a video game aficionado this is fitting in every sense of the word :)

...Behold -- The Neo-Geo AES Pet Urn 



Update #2:


4/1/86 - 7/17/03

 Bo in 2003 (7/2003)

1st picture of Bo in 1986

4/1/2005 (17 great years...Happy Birthday!)