2012 Happy New Year everyone! I'm leaving this page up as it still gets some traffic from time to time.
Please don't forget to check my regularly updated "All Video Game" website,
2012 ARCHIVED FOR POSTERITY...  Metal Slug 4: Bin Laden Must Die! [Parody]
2012 ARCHIVED FOR POSTERITY...  New PS2 NEO-GEO Stick 2 - Remake of the NEO-GEO AES Classic stick
2002-2009  Too many updates to list... Check it all out! New webhost, Fatcow.. Thanks guys :)
5/24/02  All Screen Shots re-worked...plus this page which includes METAL SLUG 4! :)
4//1//02 My web site is back online again after Nexus died !...a big thanks to Daemon!
11/11/01 Added new pictures to the A section...SNK is dead..but had a great run!
10/01/00 New screen shots of Strikers 1945 being played on a home system using the  MVS to AES adapter!!! This will let you play all the encrypted MVS carts! CLICK!
10/01/00 Sorry for the lack of updates...I underwent back surgery to remove my L5 disk and was laid up for a long time :(
5/1/00 METAL SLUG 3 LINK!!!
4/29/00 Added new Neo-Mod section. keep an eye on this... how about Debug and svideo??!?!?!
4/1/00 SNK to release new 512 bit home unit Dubbed "Neo-Geo Hyper Ultra Turbo Special"
3/10/00 Added Pictures for all released Neo-Geo Home Carts.
1/1/00 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2/11/99 Added NEW! NeoMame (plays new Stakes Winner release).
2/10/99 Added more screen shots. Now up to date with a few unreleased pics ;).
2/05/99 Added more box art.
1/18/99 Updated Emulation Page with new NeoRage.
1/18/99 Added King of Fighters '98 / Money Puzzle Exchanger Sound fixes!!!.
1/17/99 Added Neo-Bomberman Sound fix.
1/16/99 I'm looking to buy a 6slot NeoGeo arcade unit from a local arcade.
It includes what looks to be a 25" monitor and 3 slots filled (Samurai Shodown 2, 3, Bust-A-Move) In very good condition... only a bit of wear and tear on the front just below the joysticks. If anyone knows what this is really worth, If it is JAMMA, or has any tips before buying an arcade system please email me > cyberlip@hotmail.com Thanks!
1/14/99 Added more Emupics... ..King of Fighter's 98 ;) Added Neo-Drift Out Sound fixes! (SpooNMan)
12/11/98 Sorry about the lack of updates to this page.. been very busy with work. Not that there's been a lot to talk about anyways.. Hasn't been a new NeoRage release in quite a while.
Hopefully they haven't been discouraged by the new Mame release(s) w/ NeoGeo sound emulation. Anyways... this page will always be available to check out. Although it may not be the most up to date it shall remain one of the most graphically enhanced pages :) Enjoy and have a good holiday.    -Matt (SpooNMan)
10/19/98 Looks like we'll be getting SOUND in our NeoGeo games VERY soon!!!
10/18/98 Added still more pics to the NeoRage picture gallery.
10/03/98 Added more pics to the NeoRage picture gallery.
10/02/98 My page hit 50,000 hits! today :) Pretty cool I think. When I first started this page I highly doubted getting more than a couple hundred at best. Thanks for proving me wrong. Keep telling people about this page.. I'm still working on making it the best out there :) -Matt
9/28/98 Updated the NeoRage picture gallery.
9/26/98 Added NEW emulator > NeoGem
9/21/98 My birthday... send me some presents :p
9/20/98 More save states added... help me out and contribute what I don't have already....thanks
9/7/98 Added a few NeoGeo WAVs courtesy of Nitron. Something I'd like to see other people contributing :) Let's let the people who only have access to the emu hear how well the NG can pump out great sound. How about some tunes in MP3? 
9/5/98 Scanned a poster for REAL BOUT  FATAL FURY II! check it out
9/3/98 Added a section for all forthcoming NeoRage Game Saves! check it out and help contribute >> 
8/27/98 2 rom fixes today: METAL SLUG 2 (28k) and WORLD HEROES 2 JET (34k)
8/26/98 Added pics for Samurai Showdown 3, Waku Waku 7, Street Slam, Metal Slug 2
8/26/98 Changed page to reflect Baseball stars theme.
8/25/98 Added NeoGeoFE 1.25 and also my modified version
8/25/98 PAGE HITS 20,000! not bad for just a few months eh? :p
8/25/98 Changed look a little bit...went with Baseball Stars theme :) Updated emu pictures (Real Bout, King of Monsters II etc..)
8/23/98 ADDED NeoRage Ver. 0.20c w/ bug fixes
8/19/98 ADDED NEORAGE Ver 0.20!!!!  look HERE for the improvements.
8/12/98 KING OF FIGHTER'S '96 released on MY SITE 1st...COOL! :) link to ftp here.
Although it's not yet supported by the current ver of NeoRage we should see support in the next release!
8/3/98 Added pictures for EVERY emulated NeoGeo game so far...big project :) I had fun making it though... enjoy~
7/22/98 Added a King of Fighter's 98 Poster to the Pictures Section.
7/22/98 PAGE HITS5000HITS :)
7/16/98 Updated the look a little today.. nothing much new on the NeoEmu scene
7/13/98 Added new NeoGeo FE v.1.22 Front End
7/13/98 NEO-RAGE V0.01b -some bug fixes... better Sidewinder support / Super Spy works.
7/10/98 NEO-RAGE V0.01!!! Fixes / Less RAM req. / faded scanlines ect..
7/10/98 Neo-Geo Genie 0.020 by KiWi_SLT
7/06/98 Added NeoGeo game database list.
7/05/98 Counter hits 2,600... keep them coming :)
7/04/98 HAPPY 4th of July!!!!!!!!!
7/03/98 Added Neo-Rage MS Sidewinder Profiles... now you can use your control pad.
7/02/98 New update to NeoGeoFE 1.2 (adding various new features including Joystick support. Updated my modified version of NeoGeoFE now with 52 roms.
7/02/98 Added Blue's Journey, Burning Fight to my Cartridge collection bringing me up to a total of 18. :)
7/01/98 It seems people are taking my pics off here without giving the credit I asked for in my disclaimer...example>>http://www.fortunecity.com/underworld/mortalkombat/578/neogeo.html
All i asked for was a link to my page and some credit. Stealing pictures is lame. Period
6/29/98 Changed l/p for ftp... too many people spreading the nfo. 
6/29/98 Added Neo-Geo Genie 0.005 by KiWi_SLT
6/29/98  fixed the sound links, mp3 file now zipped for better download.
6/28/98 Counter breaks 1000 cool :)
6/25/98 Counter hits 800...WOW! Guess people like the emu section ;)
but remember, there's nothing quite like playing a NeoGeo on a 36" tv/monitor using the original joysticks..oh yeah and WITH SOUND :p
6/24/98 Totally redesigned the Emulation section...it was a bit outdated
6/24/98 Counter hits 700...cool :)
6/23/98 Added new Cyber-Lip screen shots
6/13/98 Updated Chris's FAQ to Ver. 4.96
6/12/98 Added Neo-Geo Start-up Music (mp3&wav) to sound page.
6/10/98 Added a counter (what a gr8 idea)
6/08/98 NEO-GEO Pocket announced at E3!!!
6/02/98 Added new Links to link page
6/01/98 Added What's New? Page :p
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