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Neo·Geo Arcade Debug BIOS
For your Neo Geo US or JAP Cartridge System

Pictures of internal mods


Play your Neo Geo games to the MAX



This enhanced BIOS chip will allow you to enter a special DEBUG menu that will allow you to change the behavior of your Neo Geo cartridge system.
With this replacement BIOS, you will be able to do the following:

Change between MVS and HOME play:
By setting your system to MVS mode, you will play your games IDENTICAL to how they are played in the arcade, down to the very last credit!

Change Language:
You can choose what language you want to play your games in.
You can choose USA, EURO, and JAP. As most people know, in USA mode, most games have green blood and in JAP mode, you have RED BLOOD!

Access Specific Game DIP Settings:
These settings are specific to each game. In these DIP settings, you will be able to reveal secret levels, hidden characters, and whatever else a game has hidden from you.

That's not all this BIOS will do:
There are more options and settings to play around with to get the most out of your Neo Geo cartridge system. Just look at some of these screenshots of the Debug BIOS in action:


Main Debug Menu
MAIN SOFT DIP Settings for
Metal Slug X
Metal Slug X Continued... BLOOD mode for Metal Slug X
Special Menu in Metal Slug X
Only Accessible with Debug BIOS
More Special Menus in
Metal Slug X
All sorts of game data activated
Sound Test menu in Metal Slug X


This kit comes complete with :
(1) Replacement Debug BIOS
(1) 40 Pin DIP Socket
(1) Installation Instruction Sheet

I provide you with a DIP socket to put in so that any future updates or upgrades can easily be performed without having to go through the expense or trouble of removing the chip again. Just easily pop out the old and put in the new chip in the future if needed.

These replacement BIOS chips are very easy to install as long as you have the proper tools and skills.
If you don't have the time, skill, or tools to do this yourself, I can install this Debug Bios into your machine for a small fee of only $60, which includes return shipping (US Customers) and the cost of the BIOS chip.

I accept personal checks, cash, money orders, and through the use of PAYPAL, I can accept credit card orders.

Other notes and services:

I have a very well known reputation in the Neo Geo community when it comes to modifying the Neo Geo system, so you know you have someone reliable to deal with. I can provide references from many different customers if needed. I have been performing these mods for over 2 years, so you know you will be getting a quality job done to your precious system.


Neo·Geo S-Video / Stereo mod
For your Neo Geo US or JAP Cartridge System

Play your Neo Geo games to the MAX


I use very high quality parts because I want you to have the best that you can get.
We're talking Gold Plated color coded RCA audio jacks along with a high-end Screw-Lock
S-Video Jack which can be used with industry standard S-Video cables, or high-end screw-lock cables.
All of the parts I mount on your system do not use screws, which provides you with the cleanest looking mod you can get.





S-Video provides you with a much sharper picture over the standard composite or RF connection.
If you are interested in this S-Video mod, I do provide package deals.
My current price is $125, which includes S-Video/Stereo mods AND the Debug BIOS mod.
This price also includes return shipping to US customers.




Other Stuff....

NeoSaveMasta V2 Memory Card


NeoTurfMasta - "A quick release of a low cost version that supports 1 8k bank instead of 2 16k banks.
The 8k chips are cheaper than the 32 and no switch will be needed.
The 8k is still 4x larger than the original Neo memory card and it wont require a battery either."

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